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We are currently working very hard to secure long-term solution to make visits available immediately but for now we are unable to handle all requests. We know how horrible it is to wait! We currently have 400 slots available per quarter*. Please leave us your details. We will contact you soon!

* - as of 08/04/2024; availability changes very dynamically

Procedure & Prices

Your Greatest Journey

The steps to start your hormonal transition with us:
1. We get to know each other during a cost-free video call.
2. The payment - if you decide to proceed.
3. You fill our intake forms - an extensive medical interview.
4. We provide the list of required laboratory diagnostics - almost all in form of blood tests.
5. Our doctors analyse both intake forms and blood tests results looking for the red flag factors. Red flag does NOT mean we won't help you! It only means, we will need to take special precautions and tailor a non-standard therapy for you.
6. You get the appointment with our doctor.
7. You decide whether to start GAHT with Imago or not. Nobody but you has the authority to make this decision as it is your human right guaranteed by international conventions.
8. If your decision is positive you confirm it by filling our consent forms.
9. We send you prescriptions.  

If your are transfering to us to continue their GAHT you can expect simplified procedures. The decisive factor is what kind of medical record can you provide, especially up-to-date blood test results.

- initial fee: covers the above steps
€20 - montly subsription fee: covers renewal prescriptions, reminders about monitoring tests, access to community services (those are under development - but you will always have someone to talk to free of charge, preferably a trans / non-binary person)
monthly fee does NOT cover extra appointments (with specialists: psychologist, endocrinologist, sexuologit, an psychiatrist) at your request - fees per visit or per package vary

Start Your Hormonal Transition

 Imago - Your best choice

Respecting Human Rights

Unlike great majority of public healthcare systems in the EU, we respect human rights and dignity of our patients.

Scientific Knowledge

Our treatment is fully based on contemporary scientific knowledge, which means we adopt Informed Consent Standard.

Life-changing Treatment

We grant the life-changing and life-saving treatment during one 4-hours visit, not in 4 years.

Nobody Left Behind

Our goal is to leave nobody behind and build self-sustainable solution for future victims of trans-hostile discriminatory laws and practices.

Care and Compassion

It is not just a medical service – you will find authentic care and compassion from people like yourself.

We Understand you!

Created by trans founder

Our Mission

Live Wonderful Life

The reasons why people support Imago vary greatly. My own reasons are varied, too. I am going to be fully transparent on why & how. You may not care about some of my reasons – but find others to be important or dear to you.

At least 5 millions of transgender and non-binary individuals are being refused life-saving therapy by the EU health-care systems which instead offer procedures that are anachronistic and harmful, contrary to contemporary scientific medical knowledge, and violating human rights. Even such self-proclaimed as LGBT-friendly countries as The Netherlands put trans people through dehumanizing and humiliating process of waiting years (and suffer torture of gender dysphoria) for an external committee to pass the verdict whether the individual is allowed to be the gender they say they are (which is a great step forward, considering that just 10 years ago the Dutch system forced sterilization on transitioning individuals). It is worth noting, the monstrous waiting lines are artificially created and purposefully sustained.

My recipe for self-sustainable solution

When researching the project for the past year, consulting numerous NGOs, foundations, and other trans-supporting organizations I made depressing discovery: charities are horribly ineffective. It is very saddening as hardly ever one can meet so many dedicated and passionate people who sacrifice a lot for the cause. Yet, the organizations are chronically underfunded and understaffed. Most of the people onboard are volunteers. The conviction that doing good deserves no material reward contrasted with the fact that supervillain-corporations reward generously for committing evil results in many top-class experts be sucked by the dark side. I am not here to condemn their choice, many hate giving up on their values and dreams. Many would love to engage in noble venture if it would not mean risking bankruptcy, homelessness, or starvation for them and their loved ones.

Another unpleasant truth I "should not speak openly" is: the amounts of human compassion are finite but the amounts of suffering, hurt, and injustice competing for it seems infinite. Many activists burn out quickly when they see their work is like trying to extinguish chainfire with watering pot. People get desensitized over time, indifferent, and it is hard to blame them for adopting self-protective mechanism. For that reason, it became obvious for me the only valid approach is a self-sustainable solution that needs only one huge or two medium boosts of funding. 

Reasons to support Imago.

Hate for injustice
Reason and Science
Human Rights
Oppose Deceptive Propaganda
Divide et Impera
Triumf of the Good-willed
Slap Patriarchy
Help Truth Prevail
Against Trampling Human Dignity
Moral Obligation